#801: Felt Couture: Intricate Made Simple

by Katia Mokeyeva

Fri, Jun 22 – Sun, Jun 24 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Seminar Fee: $445

Create an elegant garment from multiple modules. On one average size table, without reaching, bending and standing all day long, we will felt mid-sized nuno-pieces with various surface décor and textures, and assemble the pre-made parts in a one of a kind individually designed the wearable art piece, using Katia’s couture templates. It’s a process of construction, deconstruction, and application of innovative structural techniques. You will not only learn several new techniques but create a head-turning wrap, hooded scarf, or a little vest.

A $60 material fee will be collected at the seminar. Please bring this amount with you to the event.

Material Fee Covers:

  • Margilan silk gauze, hand weaved in Uzbekistan, hand died, 5 - 6 yards, $10 per yard

Students Must Bring:

  • Plastic bubble wrap, enough to cover one 6' table; plus an extra piece about 2m X 1m size;
  • Clear thin plastic (painter's drop) enough to cover one 6' table;
  • Watering device (ball brause, squirt bottle of a choice; please do not bring spray bottles);
  • Container for water/soap solution (small bucket);
  • Natural soap (dish soap like Dawn or Ivory is okay, biodegradable dish soap is the best); you can bring your favorite olive soap bar as well, but we will mostly use water/soap solution;
  • Pool noodle, about 3' long;
  • Elastic ties for rolling (stockings or pantyhose);
  • Window screen material (soft fiberglass mosquito screen material is ideal, synthetic fabric shower curtain is okay); size from 1/2 m X 1 m or bigger (can be used for work in sections);
  • Pen and notebook;
  • Sharpie marker;
  • Two old bath towels;
  • Any favorite felting tools;
  • Bamboo sushi mat (very small, made for making sushi rolls);
  • Good sharp scissors;
  • Small hand carder or metallic dog/cat brush;
  • Cheap grocery plastic bag;
  • Duct tape
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape.
  • Materials
  • 400g of 16 -21 mic merino wool tops (few of your favorite colors);
  • Dyed plant fibers: ramie or bamboo (your favorite colors, 3-4 meters of sliver;
  • 5-6 yards of Margilan silk gauze fabric

(If you are traveling and cannot bring all of the required materials, please contact us at [JavaScript required to view e-mail address.] to let us know what you cannot bring with you. We will do our best to make materials available to accommodate you.)