#600: Felt Rugs

by Sigrid Bannier

Mon, Jun 18 – Wed, Jun 20 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Seminar Fee: $445

Felt rugs Create your own unique rug In all those countries in Central Asia we connect with the nomadic way of life felted carpets were and still are used in day-to-day life One of their words for such carpets is "shyrdak". In other Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea felted carpets were objects of prestige and only affordable by well-to-do people. Now here we are able to felt our own carpet or rug – though it takes some time. There is no limitation as far as the design is concerned. Abstract or realistic images – anything is possible. Give free rein to your imagination and let it run wild!

A $0 material fee will be collected at the seminar. Please bring this amount with you to the event.

Students Must Bring:

  • 4-6 big towels
  • 4 m of sturdy plastic foil of about 130-140 cm width
  • 1 soft foam sheet of 50 x 50 x 8 cm as a needle basis
  • Soap, water sprinkler, plastic basin (of about 1 litre)
  • 1 piece of a synthetic fibre curtain of about 50 x 50 cm to facilitate the beginning of the felting process
  • Very sharp scissors
  • 2 pool noodles or cardboard tubes, about 130-140 cm long
  • An old bed sheet
  • A roll of string
  • 1 sq.m. very thick prefelt up to 10 mm (can also be made of many different layers of thin prefect
  • 500 g of wool for the decoration layer - can be any type (fine or coarse) as long as it felts well; have a variety of colours so that you can create an image on the rug.

(If you are traveling and cannot bring all of the required materials, please contact us at [JavaScript required to view e-mail address.] to let us know what you cannot bring with you. We will do our best to make materials available to accommodate you.)