#400: Fascinating Felt Surfaces – a Feltmaker's Laboratory

by Ricarda Aßmann

Mon, Jun 18 – Wed, Jun 20 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Seminar Fee: $445

In this workshop we will explore the different techniques how to manipulate felt pieces or parts of it during the felting process to achieve an extraordinary surface design. Interesting material mixtures, combinations of apparently opposed materials will expand our knowledges. Also information about useful fulling and forming tools, material to stiffen the felt, to gold-plate parts of it or how to use wax and rust. Different studies and samples will be combined in a personal pattern collection – helpful for our prospective way in feltmaking. We will cut, sew, layer, staple and bulge. We will play with pre-felts, structures and textures, forms and designs. Discussing our experiences and results with the group members will enrich us and completes the education. Finally we will figure out, to which form and surface we feel attracted to, and what inspires us in our personal work. The design of our own object, bag or accessory will complete the path until the end of the class.

A $0 material fee will be collected at the seminar. Please bring this amount with you to the event.

Students Must Bring:

  • Merino wool superfine (16-19 micron)
  • Effect yarns ( they can be from wool, but also from polyester, microfiber etc / those with sequences and glitter work out very nice)
  • Sequins or fabric with sequins
  • Silk and specialty fibres (linen, hemp, tussah or mulberrysilk, silk hankies or silk sheets)
  • Second hand fabrics, laces, silk or thin polyester and viscose fabrics which can be used for nuno felts (the ugly the better, blingbling welcome)
  • Writing utensils and a sketch book
  • Camera or mobile phone for the private documentation of the working steps
  • Individual feltmaking kit
  • Wooden barbecue sticks or short knitting needles for socks, long wooden spoon, honey spoon, mini card form the pet shop (for cats or dogs)
  • Scissors (sharp / tailor scissors)
  • Thin plastic wrap
  • Bubble foil (one side flat, one side with bubbles, not the one with the bubbles in between)
  • Sewing and stitching kit
  • Disposable razor
  • Optional: Risers as needed

(If you are traveling and cannot bring all of the required materials, please contact us at [JavaScript required to view e-mail address.] to let us know what you cannot bring with you. We will do our best to make materials available to accommodate you.)