Natalya Brashovetska

Nicosia, Cyprus

Natalya Brashovetska

I was born in Ukraine and have been living in Cyprus over fifteen years. I have always been creative and was making clothes even when I was a child.

Currently, I work as a medical theatre nurse during the day and feltmaking occupies nearly all my free time. I am a self-learner. However, I have been also attended master classes which help me to polish my feltmaking skills developing my style and own technique which I have been teaching in various European countries.

Feltmaking for me is not just a hobby it is a life style, which helps me to control my stress level due to extremely tense work I do and connect with many talented feltmakers around the World. It lets me to express myself  and fly my creativity, creating not just beautiful but functional footwear. I also like to create matching items, such as footwear, bags and scarves.

Wool and feltmaking became a major part of my life. My world of wool has no limits for me and my creativity, just unfortunately, there is limit in time. I can confidently say that I am experienced and highly skilled craftsman, feltmaker and a shoemaker. Quality is a major and first priority for me. Felted shoes must be very durable. This is not an easy process, often no one believes that my shoes are handmade.

I have also been searching a long time how to create comfortable shoes. After numerous experiments, I found this method, which I also teach during my master classes.

Amongst all feltmaking articles I have been designing and creating, felted bags and especially boots became my passion and  became a priority amongst other felted items which I am able to do very well.  When I started felting, my goal was to create not just beautiful shoes but functional and durable. For this purpose, I developed my own technique. It is a balance of classic shoemaker craftsmanship and felting. With my technique, you will be able to perform all the steps of creating shoe without involving a shoemaker, achieving orthopaedic shoese.

I also have been designing and created felted clothes, bags, shawls and scarves using various felting techniques during self-learning and learned while undertaking few master classes learning from the best well known feltmakers and designers.

I have been promote feltmaking and shared my knowledge and experience running various feltmaking workshops, master classes  and taking part in various exhibitions.

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